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What is Dry Cleaning?  It is a traditional method of cleaning using a combination of solvents, detergents and specialised machinery.

It has long been used to clean suits, wedding dresses and other items that need extra care.  The downside is that the solvents can damage the garments, beads and trims melt.  The solvent is toxic and harsh and does not care for the garment in any way.








We don't use solvents, we use the Wet Care method.

Your garments are treated for stains, then they are put in a special 'bath' of water and specialised gentle detergents.  This means stains are 'lifted' easily, the garments are not subjected to harsh solvents, so trims and embellishments are protected.  The machine process is very gentle and leaves your precious suit or wedding dress looking and feeling soft and smelling lovely and fresh.



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As well as being a great laundry we also have a shop called Total Linen

1st floor Bosham Walk in Old Bosham PO18 8HX and also online totallinen.co.uk



We sell an ever changing selection of bed linen, Mathilde M home fragrances, room accessories and much more!


So, not only do we sell beautiful bed linen, we will wash it for you too!


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